> Mechanical Engineering Consulting

The local consulting industry is modelled around ECSA’s project lifecycle which we also follow starting with the inception stage, concept & viability stage, design development stage, documentation & procurement stage, contract administration stage, and the close out stage.

Our areas of specialization include building thermal designs, air handling designs, air-conditioning designs, material handling systems, piping network designs (medical gases & water), steam Installations (boilers, autoclaves, and kitchens), vertical transportation (lifts), and maintenance management.

We render the above services in various applications such as in factories, residences, commercial & public buildings, tall buildings, generator rooms, places of assembly, hotels & dormitories, educational facilities, automobiles, and aircrafts.

> Turnkey Air-conditioning & Ventilation

We adopt an EPCM outlook on air-conditioning and ventilation solutions which is an approach which lets the project owner (our clients) stay in complete control of their project while engineering consultants (like us) manage the process from start to finish.

This means as engineering consultants we take care of all the stages of engineering: including planning, complex engineering requirements, co-ordinating all contractors and vendors on the client’s behalf and provide a single point of contact.

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